Baking is our specialty

Every Morning there are

      Cinnamon Rolls, Pecan Sticky Buns, Maple Bacon Rolls, and a daily scone flavor that come out of the oven about 9 as we open. 

8 on Saturdays.

EVERYTHING we make is from scratch, we don't get in premade fillings or use bax cake mixes.  We measure out flour and butter and sugar like the cavemen used to do... that is what makes our things noticeably better.

There are two cases full

       of delicious, including a row of tarts and a shelf full of mini cheesecakes, all of which fly out the door.
Also in stock daily are bread puddings, cakes (see the cake page for details), and savory items (see the main page for pricing and details).


We can put on a spread. We can take a special order and make dozens of small cinnamon rolls & scones, minicheesecakes, tiny tarts, whole quiches... large tarts, bite sized brioches...
what do you need?
We do all kinds of thing