707 Bay Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366, US

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Welcome to
Carter And Company

Baking is our specialty


Every Morning there are

      Cinnamon Rolls, Pecan Sticky Buns, Maple Bacon Rolls, and a daily scone flavor that come out of the oven about 9 as we open. 

(8 on Saturdays during the summer.)

EVERYTHING we make is from scratch, we don't get in premade fillings or use box cake mixes.  We measure out flour and butter and sugar like the cavemen used to do... that is what makes our things noticeably better.


There are two cases full

       of deliciousness, including a row of tarts and a shelf full of mini cheesecakes, all of which fly out the door.
Also in stock daily are bread puddings, cakes (see the cake page for details), and savory items (see the main page for pricing and details).

Every day you will find tarts including Lemon Tarts, Pear Tarts, Pecan Tarts, Key Lime Tarts.  Often there will be chocolate mousse tarts, peanut butter tarts,  fruit tarts and all winter long, perhaps into the summer there are Linzer Tarts which are a nutty spiced crust filled with jam.


Mini Cheesecakes are always on the menu, with some permanent flavors including Blueberry and Blackberry or Raspberry, Caramel, and White Chocolate/Vanilla.  Some rotating flavors are Pumpkin (seasonal), Amaretto, Bailey's, etc. 

Other specialties include the Bread Puddings that we make with cinnamon rolls.  

Nanaimo Bars: three layers of goodness: the bottom layer is pecan, chocolate, coconut and graham, with coconut buttercream in the middle and dark chocolate spread on top.

Tosca cookies are  made in layers as well.  Sugar dough on the bottom, frangipane in the middle (that's buttery almond paste dough that really is the best thing in the world). Topped with almond crunch and dipped in chocolate.

open every day. Except XMAS, thanksgiving. maybe new years.