Happy Valentines Day!

Solid Chocolate Box

Like we've offered for years, a Solid Chocolate Gift Box ready to fill with truffles. Or car keys.

Like we have offered for years, a solid chocolate gift box with lid. Ready to fill with truffles or something special.  

Car Keys?

Car parts?
I hear diamonds are lovely.

Brownie Heart

Rich Dense ad Dark Brownies, coated in chocolate.

Coated in chocolate with a 

decorated heart in the center

Heart in a Gift Box

Boxed up and ready to go home

Boxed Up and Ready to Go Home

Truffle Boxes

Truffle Boxes in a variety of size, from 3 piece to 20.

Truffle Boxes in a variety of sizes,

 from 3 piece to 20.

Truffle flavors


At Valentine's there are always a big variety, including these Raspberry champagne truffles.

Solid Hearts


Have a Heart.
These are just plain hearts made with our quality chocolate, either Dark, Milk or White.
Sometimes we run low, feel free to order ahead.

Holidays keep happening, and we try to be happenin' too



Christmas and the Holiday Season is full of fun and interesting things at Carters.
From Chocolates Trees and special truffle flavors to cookie platters, Yule Log cakes and Linzer Tarts, there is always something to see.

Holiday Chocolates


Santa Mints are the most popular of the holiday truffles, but there are other special flavors including cinnamon hazelnut (which makes a special holiday Ice Cream as well).

Special Chocolates


Barks with peppermint Sticks, and molded Santas and Angels make the Holidays special.

Yule Log cake


Yule Log, or  bûche de Noël, is a traditional European delight.  Our take on that has been a gluten free Flourless cake rolled around buttercream and decorated with the traditional meringue mushrooms.

Cookie Boxes


These boxes include a variety of Holiday favorites including sugar cookies of course, but also linzer cookies, Russian tea cakes (aka Mexican wedding cookies), and lots more.

Christmas trees


We make dozens of these each year.
Solid chocolate, brushed with white chocolate snow and sprinkled with either colored sugar, balls, candy canes, cacao nibs, coconut...

There are other holidays !!


Valentines Day is the biggest day in the chocolate world, and we can help you through it with heart shaped chocolates inside heart shaped chocolate boxes. Come in at the last minute if you must, and you will leave happy. But planning ahead will make us both even happier. Order a heart.

Halloween counts too.


Rats, bugs, brains... we have it.
and there is a party on Bay Street the saturday before, so come down and play.



Bunnies of course, but the eggs are what we do the best.
Hollow but full of bunnies and ducks and chicks wrapped in foil, these eggs are each hand painted with colored white chocolate.  Each one is unique, and they can be ordered ahead to ensure that you get your choice of dark or milk chocolate shell.  

Special pricing for advance orders as well.