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Cakes !

Everything Made From Scratch !


All our cakes are made from scratch, as well as the real buttercream icing and all the curds and pastry creams in the fillings.

We sell 9 inch round cakes, starting at 42.5o. Order ahead to ensure that you get the cake you want. We make cakes for the case and to sell whole, but rarely do we have more than four or five of these varieties on hand.
We also sell slices at the store by weight, so you can choose a big, large or huge piece depending on your needs.




New York Cheesecakes

John's New York cheesecake recipe is pretty traditional. This is a more substantial cheesecake than our fruit ones, with a hint of lemon in the crust as well as the cake itself.
These are 8 inch round cheesecakes and can be special ordered. Often we will have them whole or by the slice when you stop in, but not always, so it is best to order ahead!

Mini cheesecakes

We have a selection of mini cheesecakes every day.
Just enough for one hungry person, but often shared by two, these are usually available with either blueberries, raspberries, or caramel.
We make them fresh almost every day, so if you order ahead we can usually make you a plain one, or Amaretto. We are happy to do other flavors in large quantities.
An assortment of these is a great dessert for a group!  Folks often bring a few mini cheesecakes along with a few tarts to gatherings.

Large fruit, berry, or liqueur cheesecakes.

Order ahead for specialty cheesecakes.
Very popular choices are Bailey's, Amaretto or Kahlua cheesecakes along with berry.
Pumpkin Cheesecake season lasts from October thorugh December.