Chocolatey Cakes

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Super chocolatey and one of our best sellers.
Extra Moist and flavorful Chocolate Cake Layers, alternating with chocolate pudding, then coated in pudding and crumbs.

Caramel Cake

The same moist chocolate layers, sandwiching caramel buttercream, more caramel buttercream on the outside and a pool of caramel on top!

Peanut Butter Cake

Chocolate Layers filled with caramel, peanut butter and cream cheese, iced with cream cheese peanut butter frosting and topped with nuts, ganache and caramel drizzle.

German Chocolate Cake

Filled and topped with our housemade German Chocolate Custard filling, loaded with pecans and coconut for the classic cake invented by Samuel German in 1852.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Super chocolatey and one of our best sellers.
Those moist and flavorful Chocolate Cake Layers, filled and then coated with dark chocolate mousse, some cacao nibs up the sides and shaved chocolate garnishing the top.

Puddin' Cake

Layers of Chocolate and White Cakes, filled with pudding  and coated with caramel buttercream.

Chocolate Flourless Cakes

Some cakes are flourless - and therefore Gluten Free - by their nature.  

This is the type of flourless cake we offer.
There are ganache-based truffle cakes, decorated simply with a white chocolate mousse and chocolate shavings.  

We also have an almond flour based gluten free cake. 

Typically you need to order these ahead - they don't sell as fast as they need to in order to keep them on hand.


Cakes are made in 9 inch round. 

Most cakes are 39.50 for a whole cake (specialty cakes are more) 

 or by quarter or half cakes in a box.
When we can put a slice of cake on a plate or a box for you we weigh it, so you can get as large or small a piece as you want.

Fruity Cakes

Carrot Cake.

Orange Curd Cake


Super flavorful Orange Cake, made moist with Olive Oil (Yes!) (and No, it doesn't taste like olive). Coated with ganache. Filled with Homemade Orange Curd. 

(Curd tastes better than it sounds.  For the uninititated, it is simply a custard of orange, egg yolks, and butter, thickened over heat.)

This has been one of our most popular flavors for a couple of years.

Lemon Drop Cake

 Same cake recipe as the Orange, only made with Lemon and filled with homemade Lemon Curd.  Iced with Lemon Buttercream, which, along with all our buttercreams,

is made in the shop with real butter 

Almond Cake And More

 Now that we have found a white cake that lives up to our expectations of moistness and flavor, we can use it to make this almond cake, or fill it with raspberry (or any other) jam, and coat it with our real butter buttercream with a complimentary flavor. 

The flavor combinations are endless, and yours can be topped with white chocolate mousse and berries in season.

Berry Mousse Cake

White layers, filled with jam and berry & white chocolate mousse, in your choice of berry with a thick and fluffy topping of swirls of mousse.

Carrot Cake

Our carrot cake has Pineapple and Coconut added, and is filled and iced with our orange-caramel cream cheese icing, then topped with a pool of white ganache.
It looks and tastes divine!

Specialty Cakes

Specialty cakes are standard ones that take significantly longer to make, from making extra fillings and icings to the cake itself and the assembly; or special order cakes that need moe attention than just writing "Happy Birthday Mom!"

Special orders can be taken over the phone, but might be better in person if there are lots of details.

360 876 4424.
Payment is taken when orders are placed.

Lime Cake

This is the same recipe as the Lemon and Orange, only made with Lime.
there are three fillings: Orange curd, Pineapple Buttercrema and coconut Pastry Cream.
then it is iced with Rum Buttercream and decorated with coconut.

Hazelnut Cake

Layers of hazelnut buttercream and Kahlua buttercream, iced with both.

Specialty decorated cakes

We are the place to go for delicious, moist, flavorful cakes made from scratch with elegent decorations.

Any cake you like can be turned into a Galaxy Cake, and we can build a special fondant cake for you.

We have limited time for tiered wedding cakes or for cakes with movie heroes or cartoon characters.  :(


New York Cheesecakes

John's New York cheesecake recipe is pretty traditional. This is a more substantial cheesecake than our fruit ones, with a hint of lemon in the crust as well as the cake itself.
These are 8 inch round cheesecakes and can be special ordered. Often we will have them whole or by the slice when you stop in, but not always, so it is best to order ahead!

Mini cheesecakes

We have a selection of mini cheesecakes every day.
Just enough for one hungry person, but often shared by two, these are usually available with either blueberries, raspberries, or caramel.
We make them fresh almost every day, so if you order ahead we can usually make you a plain one, or Amaretto. We are happy to do other flavors in large quantities.
An assortment of these is a great dessert for a group!  Folks often bring a few mini cheesecakes along with a few tarts to gatherings.

Large fruit, berry, or liqueur cheesecakes.

Order ahead for specialty cheesecakes.
Very popular choices are Bailey's, Amaretto or Kahlua cheesecakes along with berry.
Pumpkin Cheesecake season lasts from October thorugh December.